Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Education and Experience
I’m a 2005 Middle East Technical University Industrial Engineering graduate, since my graduation I have done a 6 month internship in Switzerland in a Software development company, I was employed as marketing assistant and was also responsible for accounting, controlling and reporting tasks. After my internship I started working in the headquarters of Migros Türk T.A.Ş. three months later I started my job at TUBITAK UZAY, I have been working almost two years now.
Experience Relevant to the Course
· Internship-SIEMENS:
The company had implemented SAP to run most of its actions. While writing the report for the internship and trying to understand how the processes are carried out I had the chance to see what SAP can do in a manufacturing company.
· Work Experience Migros Türk T.A.Ş.
The company was using Balanced Score Cards for performance evaluation, promotion etc, and purchased Business Warehouse to track the data coming from different departments and reflect these on the score cards of the employees.
I only worked for three months but still since I was at the heart of the implementation, and there were many problems with adapting the software to the specific business needs of the company, and we were to transfer data from other databases to BW I had the chance to observe difficulties in the implementation process.
Career Goal and ERP
My career goal is to have a leading position in a dynamic company.
ERP systems are tools to carry out business operations/activities. There are several types and applications, all serving different purposes. To know whether an ERP system will be beneficial for a company, or to make the decision of implementation a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of such a system and the alternatives is required.
Knowledge and understanding of ERP systems also gives an understanding of the big picture; regarding a company as a whole, relate the business units and operations.
Also how to manage change and motivate people, project management are skills and knowledge associated with ERP system implementations.
From this course I expect to have a basic understanding of the concepts I have mentioned above; which I consider very important to be able to handle a upper level position in any company.
Coming to the interesting point about me, I’m a simultaneous bilingual.

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