Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day2 Articles

Decision Making in the Evaluation, Selection and Implementation of ERP Systems

-Brief History on evolution of ERP from MRP

- Business Strategy, Business Processes, Different stakeholders are dominant

- ERP is not only a IT upgrade

- Decision making models are used now primarily to evaluate an ERP project to be applied.

- HSP case was investigated, in team selection, project implementation.

What You Need to Know about ERP software

- Brief information

- Drawbacks are mostly highly time taking conversion of legacy paper based systems

- Vendors are listed as oracle, peoplesoft, SAP

- Cost is hard to lower, mostly dependant on the size of the company

- With the help of the Winnipeg city implementation, next era is processing the data gathered by ERP

Assessing the ERP Software

- Integration is important

- Sap is known for Compatibility

- Oracle is known for Supply Chain

- Peoplesoft is human resources applications

- There are still room for third party applications regarding business processes

- Companies may choose to integrate different addons to ease their operations such as schedule programs for production.

The ERP Purchase Decision

- Purchase decision depends on ERP characteristic and multipal organizational characteristics

- Second half of the 90’s have 3 criteria of IT for purchase decisions: reduce Information system costs, replace old systems, requirements not met

- Study is conducted as below:

- 35 ERP package capabilities are defined

- Competitive Goals

- Business Processes

- Architecture

- Legacy Systems (including Y2K)

- Buy vs. build

- Data Access

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