Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lessons Learned - Day 3 - Emre AKIN

IS solutions for a company
1) Keep Legacy
2) Best of Breed
a. (+) Company retains bargaining power
b. (-) Customer Support may be difficult
c. (+/-) Cost may be higher or lower
3) ERP
4) In House developed solutions

Decision Cycle for an ERP Implementation
0) Workshop on possible solutions
1) Current State Analysis
2) Evaluate possible future states you can reach with ERP systems
3) Determine Future State
4) Choose system and solution provider

Organization Change management is a hard stuff indeed
Refresher courses for the newcomers into the company

The way you define what kind of access to each person is given is determined by roles, like roles of sales people, pm people etc… Include people’s managers in this process. Since it is not a perfect process, new security request may come, and you may give extra access to users…

Organization Change Management
Security Access
Super Users – idea is to distribute support within system rather than having a single source. They constitute about 10% of the users.
Business Process and Procedures

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