Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What we learned 1st day? (Serkan)

ERP (Kurumsal Kaynak Planlama)

ERP is a technological tool that is used to have right information-right people-right time.

ERP is a software, which links each S/W, each business unit, and operations.

The difference between MRP and ERP can be thought as their sizes and application areas.
MRP is used for to calculate the materials (time, quantity) for manufacturing.
However, ERP is dealing with all business functions such as: Accounting, Sales, Production Planning, Supply Management…

Why ERP?
· Increases efficiency by deleting overtime and paper work.
· Efficient production by resource planning, profitability can be achieved.
· Best Practices

· Copying other companies can not be a reason!
· Year 2000 Problem should not be the reason also!
o These kinds of reasons should not be the reasons to implement ERP

Open Source ERP’s are good because their code is good because of volunteers. And their code is there.
Open Source ERP’s are bad because of their support

ERP Providers (properties)

Major: strong support, many consultants, easy upgrade…
Smaller Ones: (IAS) Cheaper than Major ones, language flexibility, easier to adjust…
Open Source: Free, you can develop yourself…

Core Team of ERP implication should consist of:
- People who knows the whole workflow
- Top management
- Consultants
- IT manager (project manager)
- Champion
Note: CFO is going to be needed but his/her door is going to be knocked by Champion.
And also someone from suppliers will be needed in next stages.

60-70 % of the IT applications fails; if they are not working get over budget, get over time, and useless.

Data warehouses: 3 dimensional data storing
Data mining: finding the relevant information in between the collected data.
the relevant information can be taken in order to a purpose or
results can confirm the relevant information.

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