Sunday, June 22, 2008

Murat Bio

Hi, I am Murat Kirazlı. I have graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2006. During my undergraduate education I had two summer internships at Erdemir and Siemens. These internships in such big companies made me understand how processes are going on in big companies. After my graduation, I have started Bilkent MBA program from which I will probably graduate on 1 July. Along with my MBA program, I have founded two companies about manufacturing, designing and sales of lighting equipments with my partners (one of whom is Can Kızılay from our class). Due to the economic trend (especially increase in steel prices), we sold our shares in March 2008. When I finish my MBA proram (I hope in two weeks time!), I will start at an international consulting company in Strategy&Operations Division. My first project will be about energy market and regulations of the public authority. The company also recruits ERP consultants and gives consultany services for ERP applications. I think to have passable knowledge of ERP applications will be very beneficial for me as I will probably face with an ERP project in my near-future career.

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