Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 3 Learnings - Can Altay

I will try to keep it as concise as possible.

* We have learned about the SAP software in general, which was a different experience. I experienced that the SAP is pretty complicated and difficult to use for first timers. No wonder people have high resistance against using it! However, it would be nice to simulate a business flow using different modules, so that we could see how convenient SAP makes people do business.

* Sales people think ERP is a waste of time and do not want to use it.
* OCM: Organizational Change Management. Communication is essential. Changing organizations and people seem easy, but actually people can be very resistant against change. The first-hand example is me, who was resistant to use the SAP during the lab session, when I experienced how difficult it is to use it. That is why OCM exists and companies depend highly on it.

* We learned about Super Users. I remember that from every department a super user is picked and those people form the core team for the ERP system. They wear different t-shirts and hats to distinguish themselves in a funny way within the organization.

* Business Processes and Procedures: Deciding on which documents to control and store, where and how to control and store these documents.

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