Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 2 Learnings - Can Altay

* ERP II allows you to integrate with your customers and suppliers.

* Although we say that major players are expensive, they offer cheaper alternatives such as ASAP, which offers a lower implementation cost solution to the company.

* It would be nice to gather some know-how for the ERP and how it works, as the consultants will probably not be hanging around for so long and the vendor may not provide enough assistance after implementation.

* We watched a video, but the guy’s English was poor and the stuff he talked about did not grab my attention at all. There was too much technical detail that I think is irrelevant for the course.

* ERP systems do not necessarily give you a competitive advantage. After all, they are expensive. You should look at your needs and the budget on hand, before deciding to implement an ERP system. There may always be better alternatives.

* Companies want integrated systems, because of:
* More control
* Share information
* Accounting purposes
* Data integrity

* Companies do not want integrated systems, because of:
* High Cost/benefit ratio
* Lack of time
* No need for growth
* No accessible knowledge and capability

* ERP systems do not necessarily bring you efficiency, it may make some processes efficient and some others inefficient.

Potential Analyses:


Elevator Speech: Trying to impress a manager in two minutes by choosing the most effective words. I think that this was the most interesting term that I have heard for long.

Keep in mind:
* Business objectives
* Success factors
* Performance indicators

I am looking forward to the lab experience on Monday.


Can Altay

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