Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can Altay-Bio


* Graduated from Özel İzmir Amerikan Lisesi in 2003
* Graduated from Bilkent Industrial Engineering department in 2007.
* Currently a student at Bilkent MBA (Graduating August 2008)
* Accepted to Tilburg University (Netherlands) for an MSc in Marketing Research

Work Experience
* Pınar Yem : Studied production planning, quality management and operations analysis. Finished a project on quality management. (June 2005 – July 2005 internship)

* Egepen Deceuninck: Carried a production planning project for the profiles by applying the Silver Meal Heuristic on the 2006 sales data (June 2006 – July 2006 internship)

* I have only taken a course that involved some ERP knowledge (Production Information Systems) Therefore, I would like to obtain some further knowledge of the ERP systems and hopefully get some hands-on experience. At the end of the course, I want to have more familiarity with ERP systems, as I will be somehow involved with them throughout my career.

* My career goal is to concentrate on marketing and become a consultant in marketing research. If not a consultant, I would like to work in the marketing areas of the automotive sector or the FMCG sector. In 10-15 years, I would like to start my own company.

* With this course, I hope to see the connection of marketing to other departments (especially to finance) through ERP and see how marketing decisions affect the company as a whole. In other words, I hope to put myself in the shoes of other department people through ERP.
* I happen to give very different reactions even though I think that it is wrong to do so. I really do not know why I do so J

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