Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Osman Murat Bio

I am Osman Murat. I graduated from Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2007. I am a MBA student in Bilkent University. I have no work experience and I did not use ERP before. After graduating from Bilkent MBA, I want to work as an electrical and electronics engineer for few years in a project and try to be a manager in the company. After several years of work experience, I want to establish my own company in the technology sector or since I am so interested in marketing, I would want to establish my firm in different sectors other than technology sector. This course would help me to learn how a manager should behave while implementing ERP in a company. By the end of this course, I would be familiar with ERP systems and I would judge the key issues surrounding ERP implementations. The interesting thing about me is that I memorize most of the numbers that I have seen such as phone numbers, tables in books, statistics etc.

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