Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 2 Lessons Learned

After a general evaluation of first day,
We watched a webinar about CRM Siebel, Siebel is a CRM software from Oracle. The speech owner Kumar's english was not good enough to understnad and the software described was too slow for an evaluation purposes. Generally speaking a CRM is a software for customer satisfaction.

We learned about evaluation of ERP decision for a company,
First we evaluated first why a company can need to implement an ERP. The main causes can be
  • Share infot hrough company
  • Process Innovation + Automation
  • Data Integrity
  • Fewer people to maintain the same function
  • Entering data once use everywhere
  • beware of human level integration
  • Efficiency
  • One system –easier to maintain, old legacy systems needs different kinds of human source
  • Effective communication of data and processes
And what some common needs can not be a cause
  • Costs (always think of implementation, buying education and customization costs, these can be higher)
  • Organization readiness (think of organizational processes if they are not ready or not utilized, first reengineer them to be competitive, ERPs are only tools, that is software can not manage companies, managers manage them.)
  • Time consuming– not enough staff
  • Knowledge or capability not accessable (need ERP consultance that is not cheap.)
Ongoing process about evaluating an ERP implementation covers generally

  • SWOT analyses --> which need to be done before and after of implementation process, to compare and contrast the benefits
  • GAP analyses --> to see what needed functionality is not avaialble
  • Elevation speech --> That is a new concept that we have learned, that is a short, charming, effective speech that must have a great first impact which can only long for 2-3 minutes.
At the end we identify some steps that a management team must cover to identify an ERP implementation decision. These cover from cost to benefits.

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