Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 3 Learnings

In order to implement ERP solution we should first do SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis before implementation of ERP should be made and SWOT analysis simulating after ERP implementation should be made.

There are system solutions
1) Keeping Legacy Systems
No change in the existing systems.

2) Best of Breed Systems
Writing different applications and trying to integrate them

3) ERP

4) In-House Development

In pre- ERP process company should create questions.

You should negotiate with different ERP vendors and invite salespeople to come to your company and make presentations. Usually implementation people do not come to companies in that process

Waiting documentation from companies makes consultant to understand if the companies do their homework or not. In this process consultants try to figure out the potential problems of companies.
After that process, company should select the provider.

Organizational Change Management

It is perceived as soft stuff; however it is usually a hard stuff. Using right people for that process is important. Key issue in that process is communication within the company.

There are five parts of Organizational Change Management. These are:

Training has several elements:
Core team training
Management Seminars
End user training.

Elements of the communication plan is
What is the content/ message
Who is the audience?
How do we tell them?
What is frequency?
Who will deliver?

Security and Role Development
Giving permissions to people to view appropriate data or doing things.

Super User Development
Helpful person who has computer skills is called super user. Literally, it is 10% of the end users. They are educated to tell other users how to use the system.

Business Process Procedures
A document to define steps how each transaction is used within ERP system in your company.
It is strategy and tactics to capture, document and control business process procedures.

Why this procedure is hard stuff?

Because changing individual behaviors and changing company is first perceived as soft stuff.

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