Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 4 Lab

Different parts of the SAP client:
Training client
Testing client
Production Client

Company Code
Independent accounting units have different codes

Sales organization
different sales terms

distribution channels
direct/wholesale/mail order

sales division
subdivision of a distribution channel

physical locations have different numbers
facility/warehouse/distribution vehicle

storage location

shipping point

Master & Transaction Data
Master data is relatively fixed

Customer master
Material master
General Ledger
Transaction data is unique to a particular transaction

Customer Master
Contains all the customer related data necessary to processing orders, deliveries, invoices
sold to party
ship to party
bill to party

Material Master
Contains all data required to define and manage a specific item or material
Integrates data from: Inventory Manufacturing etc.

General Ledger
All data required for financial statements

Highly customizable. Is carried out automatically

Flow of Sales documents

Sales Order
material quantity time etc

Standard functions
check availability
check credit limit
reduces credit & inventory
forecast cash
schedules delivery
make material requirements plan (MRP)

Delivery note pick/pack/post goods issue

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