Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bio of Basak Tektemur

My name is Basak Tektemur. I have studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bilkent University and graduated at January 2007. I started MBA at Bilkent University September 2007 and I am going to finish it at the end of the summer school, July 2008. I am going to the Netherlands this august to start my MS studies on International Business at Tilburg University and I will get my MS degree in one year.
I have no job experience and since I studied science at university, my internships were not business-related. During my two internships at Bilkent and an internship at University of Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital, McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine, I concentrated on cancer research. Even though, it was a great thing to make scientific research and hands-on experiments, I noticed that a stronger biotechnology private-sector is needed for genetics to develop in Turkey. Therefore, during my last semester at university, I decided to get an MBA degree either to work in a biotechnology company or start my own. After my graduation, I am planning to work in an international company, probably for a few years abroad and then to come back to Turkey to achieve my goals and be part of the development of genetics as a science in Turkey.
I am taking this course since I think that a biotechnology company cannot be managed without an ERP system and I want to learn at least basics of the ERP systems.


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