Monday, June 23, 2008

day 3 learnings by ahmet k

Alternatives if there is need for change:
-Keep Legacy & improve
-Best of Breed Apps
-In house Development

A good homework for the company: Analyze the business & form a core team

Sales People: don't want to lose time with things other then sales, unless its in their benefits in terms of remuneration. They don't want to share their secrets, nor customers.

Organizational Change Management
Communication is key!
A series of steps to prepare organization for changes

-Security/Role Development
-Super User Development
-Business Process Procedures

entrepreneur vs bureaucratic
team vs independant
risk vs conservative
structure vs variable
plan x3 vs ready, fire, aim (!!)
trust vs fear

Core team training
Management Seminar
End user training

get support of workers
inform them!
-channels: team lunch & learns, newsletter, meetings, e-mails

Security/Role Development:
start with key managers!
then, bottom-up, what kind of special roles needed in addition to the ones specified generally
determine what each employee can & can't do!

Super User Development:
idea is to distribute support in community

Business Processes & Procedures:
what docs to control & store, where & how to control & store

Document business processes procedures!

BPP-a document to define steps, how each transaction is used within SAP system as configured in your company. get them ready & use in trainings.

Changing organization & people seems easy, but it is not. Thats why OCM exists!

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