Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day3 Learnings

After the review of the previous class

  • Development opportunities for a company:
  1. Keep legacy & improve whtever needs improvement
  2. Best of breed solutions (for SCM, CRM , etc.)
  3. ERP
  4. In-house development
  • In best of breed solutions, you don't lose bargaining power wrt software vendors. Probably, you can achieve better performance for each function as you are able to use more specialized products for these functions. However, you should possibly deal with lots of upgrades for each different functional software you have.

  • Organization Cahnge Management : "The Soft Stuff is The Hard Stuff'"

Overview of SAP project:

  • Company goal is to increase sales revenue with new product development.
  • IT platforms would not suppot growth.
  • Project lasts two years with 40 people ( 23 from Welch Allyn, 17 from Capgemini)
  • Vice president of the company is the champion of the project.
  • Technical stuff includes blueprinting, configuring, testing, code changes and so on.
  • People stuff includes training, communication, security authorization, business process procedures.
  • 5 main initiatives for OCM are training, business process procedures, super user development, security and communication. All these 5 initiatives are interrelated with one of another initiatives.

  • In the last two hours, we have chance to experience a real SAP system in the labratory. System seems to be a little complicated due to involving so many functionalities and surely, using the system efficiently necessitates so much practice.

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