Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lessons Learned - Day 2 - Emre AKIN

- There can be several reasons for a company to implement ERP systems. They can be implemented only for a few functions like accounting and purchasing, or if the company may wish to exercise more control over her operations and thus increase efficiency.
- However ERP systems are not always advised to all companies. If the costs of implementation of an ERP system outweigh the benefits, no need to apply for it. Or implementing an ERP system without training employees appropriately would cause more chaos in the company. Furthermore if a company is not intending to grow, there may be again no need for an ERP implementation.
- Implementation of an ERP system is like implementing a strategic management. The company should first make a SWOT analysis and identify the level it aims to reach. Then according to the Gap Analysis, respective model of the ERP system should be defined.
- Furthermore it is crucial to identify a group of metrics that will be tracked during the implementation plan. The critical point is to match these metrics with the strategic targets of the company.

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