Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lessons learned by 23rd of June

There are alternatives for ERP software

  • Keep Legacy system, and improve it
  • Best of Breed Applications, and try to connect them.
  • Use ERP
  • In House development. Deal with your own problems

When implementing there are 5 steps

  • You must check your options, do workshops
  • Prepare today’s SWOT
  • Prepare future’s SWOT
  • Learn about the systems
  • Select Your Provider

Organizational Change Management

  • It is Who, Why, How, Where, When of your implementation plan
  • Sample Case Welch Allyn
  • 17 Consultants from capgemini
  • 23 Project members
  • Peoplestuff: training, communications, security,authorization, super user authorization, business process procedures. These all change behaviours. Of people
  • Peoplestuff is therefore hard stuff.

Core team training is called Training period, you teach your members.

Where in management seminars you give your message t your superior executives, share your vision.

End user training grants the ability to your employees who will face the software on a daily basis.

What must be done is to practice the software before it goes live. Support people with the help of super users, who will act as local leaders and knowledge centers.

Keep in mind that people will have to do the loads of work when they will be back from training, so give them room but remind them practice makes it perfect.

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