Monday, June 23, 2008

Efe Bio

Hi! I am still an undergraduate in Industrial Engineering in Bilkent University and I hope I will graduate soon with this summer school. I have completed my high school education in Ankara Gazi Anadolu Lisesi.

During my academic lifetime, I have completed two different internships at Tepe Betopan and Philips-Turk T.A.S. In this period, I have experienced production planning, product design and sales & export environment. During my internship in Philips-Turk T.A.S I performed madly efforts to experience S.A.P modules; unfortunately they never let me to do it. Anyway, this year I have been involved in a design and implementation of a MRP system for the boeing 737-800 aircrafts repair and maintanence parts Project with my five collegues from university. And, as i have learned from the Project and from the I.E courses, i have recognized the importance of the ERP systems and my intention to work on it.

My career goal is, to achieve a statue of systems and processes analyst as an Industrial Engineer that is capable of analyzing, interpreting and performing further researches, improvements and innovations for systems and processes.

The MBA675 ERP Systems: Strategy and Practice course will help me in learning the general knowledge and experiences of the ERP systems from the Business Administrator`s point of view. The benefits of this course will be crucial for me, in terms of gaining the necessary knowhow about the ERP systems, as a systems and processes engineer candidate.

The interesting thing about me is; i am stil an undergraduate waiting to be graduated at end of 2007-2008 summer semester, alhough i take this course by obligation, i am glad to have the chance to benefit from it to achieve my career goals. However, i have regretfully got used to be a late reacting person (in terms of accomplishing the given tasks on time) within slowly processing undergraduate environment compared to MBA. I hope i will beat this threat in this course.

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