Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 3 Articles

A framework for Evaluating ERP implementation:
  • ERP systems are packaged softwares, a little bit customization required for both erp system and business processes.
  • There are process and technical customization options and also technical and process change capabilities.
  • ERP software is developed for all market, not for an individual company. ERP implementation requires data entry and integration
  • ERP best practices are generic solutions and are not universal.
  • ERP implementations are company wide and generally contains all company business processes.
  • ERP system customizations are module selection, table configuration, code modification, another defines this by bolt-ons, screen masks, extended reporting, workflow programming, user exits, ERP programming, interface development, package code modification.
  • ERP implementations goes into 5 stages, design, implementation, stabilization, continous improvement, transformation.
  • module selection
  • table configuration
  • code modofocations-- which is great flexibility bu backward compatibility injures.
  • no change
  • incremental-- relationships among tasks are customized
  • radical change
  • comprehensive understanding of ERP vendor reasons underlying
  • developing an enterprise software or networked database software
  • managing a large scale software project
  • wide rang of understanding business processes and the evaluation of the process
  • creative thinking for redesigning business processes
  • need for large scale organizational change management
  • Framework let a company resides in appropriate cell and thus figures out effort needed
  • A variety of modules implemented using customization options mentioned in the article.
Configuring an ERP System: Introducing Best Practices or Hampering Flexibility

  • Case is about implementing order management module while other modules are already implemented.
  • they formed a war team that is appropriate for such project
  • the existing software would be changed without any business reengineering.
  • They thought they had enough expertise to implement ERP by themselves.
  • In JD Edwards order processing tables are totally different identified.
  • Grouping orders, customers is needed to manage discoutns or incentives.
  • But marketing people have totally different and not organized procedures.
  • Software system needed to make standardize pricing strategy of marketing.

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