Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2 Learnings

After the review of the previous class

  • Siebel is CRM software product of Oracle.
  • With CRM software, customer data such as transaction frequency and habits is stored in a database.
  • Using this data and after analysis with relevant tools, sales and profitability figures can be increased substantially.
  • There were too many details about the infrastructure of Siebel which were not so relevant to the course material, in my opinion.

  • ERP is just a tool, so it does not guarantee to make good results. Therefore, companies should carefully decide on whether they need ERP or not as it is an expensive software!
  • A company can need an ERP system for:
  1. Data integrity and data sharing
  2. Efficiency
  3. Accurate Accounting
  4. High control level
  • Before the decision to implement an ERP system, two main analysis should be conducted: SWOT analysis and GAP analysis.
  • Internal (strensths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) analysis are both of the interest of SWOT analysis.
  • We should conduct SWOT analysis both for current position of the company and for the position after a possible implementation of ERP system. By this way, we will be able to see the benefits and additional capabilities related to implementation of ERP system.
  • In the GAP analysis, the company determines where it want to be and currently where it is now. Then, the company decide on the proper strategy or steps to reduce this gap between current and desired states.

  • Elevator speech is a speech by which someone try to transfer its ideas to probably his executive in just a few seconds or very short time. As it goes on only within a very short time, it is informal and it does not include details of the idea.

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