Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bio of Inanc Erdagi


HAVELSAN A.Ş., Ankara – Turkey, (Senior Engineer)
¨ Quality and Process Management Department
¨ Integrated Logistics Support Department

TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey), Ankara – Turkey, (Technical Specialist)

ACCENTURE GmbH., Frankfurt a.M. – Germany, (IT consultant)

ABB (ASEA BROWN BOVERI) Elektrik San. A.S., Istanbul – Turkey,
Flexible Automation Division (Project Manager, Application and Sales Engineer)

HONEYWELL A.S., Istanbul – Turkey,
Industrial Control Division (Application Engineer)


Establishing own business, top managerial position at a large scale company or a consulting position

- HELP of the COURSE

ERP systems are a must for many firms at different sizes. ERP investment decisions (the criteria to be used while making this decision), implementation process, capabilities of ERP systems are very important for anybody at managerial or consulting position. The corect knowledge on different dimensions of ERP systems could significantly help to improve the performance of a firm or could cause to waste important resources.


I hope to get some basic information that would enable me where to look at and what for to look at about any issues that I may face with in the future about ERP implementations. I also hope to learn what kinds of benefits an ERP system could provide and what kind of risks exist.

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