Saturday, June 21, 2008

Onur's Bio


I am a management undergrad at Bilkent University. I will graduate (hopefully:)) this September.

I see education as a two direction thing, opposed to the common notion that knowledge flows from teacher to student. I evaluate my teacher, and work only hard enough that I will get the grade I gave my teacher ^^. There's a note for Mrs. Eseryel! To be honest, I am not the type of guy who will work hard to get that 4.0 CGPA.

Returning to the bio,
I originally come from a very small town in Aydın, Turkey. All my life I moved from city to city, around the world. There really is not anywhere I would call home but earth itself. Hey that sounds tacky:)

I have always been very involved with all sorts of art, and plan a career in some field of it. Maybe music, maybe painting, maybe cinema. For now I work on all of them.

I chose to study management because my father wanted so. I have not the least interest in this field, yet people say I am talented at sales.

I worked overseas (in African countries) for a while as "market developer" for Turkish and European firms, mainly in construction industry. It is a new type of job that is only emerging. You can get commissions from all over the supply chain and make more money than anyone involved in it. But takes a lot of effort. Anyone up to it should not miss the opportunity. It is not for me though.. :)

I started playing this game called Travian two years ago. I liked it. Now I am working as a volunteer for the game. If you have accounts on any Turkish server, let me know!!:)

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