Saturday, June 21, 2008

day 2 learnings by ahmet k

Siebel - Owned by Oracle

CRM - Strategy designed to reduce costs & increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty!
$18 billion market
Enterprice CRM leads
Many competitors: SAP, Salesforce, Oracle

Industry Apps
Employee Apps Customer Apps
PArtnerships Mobile Solns

Siebel Mobile: Java!

Web Client: Internet Explorer
Handhold Client: used to connect to database
Wireless Web Client: for small apps
Mobile Web Client: Laptop

Dedicated Web Client: reaches database

Web Server-----Gateway Server------Siebel Server------DatabaseServer & Siebel File System

Strategic Reason for Siebel: When Merging, ERP makes it easy to merge processes

No need for ERP usually when:
Costs of ERP are high and NPV can be negative, watch out!
No need for growth

Potential Analysis:

SWOT (internal vs external factors)
GAP (difference between capabilities & targets)
Elevator Speech (the speech you give to a top guy/lady you catch in elevator to impress him/her) answers:
-whats the product/service/soln
-problem it addresses
-what does it do
-how does it work & it benefits

-improvement opportunities
-benefit category
-implementation plan

link to:
% sales generated
bus. objectives
critical success factors
key perf. indicators
benefits for each area

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