Tuesday, June 24, 2008

day 3 readings by ahmet k

ERP is a tool, however, business may need to change in order to implement it.

Problems may arise in environments where there is no control.

Also, there should be a need for change for a successful implementation


match erp system & business pocesses
change system: technical customization
change busines: process customization

technical customization:
module selection, table configuration, and code modification
as you move right, cost increases

process customization:
changes in tasks & resources, incremental changes in relationships, fundamental rethinking and radical redisgn of elements
as you move right, customization increases

make matrix of these 6 items 3x3 and determine where a business fits

technical change capability:
overall ability to customize ERP systems; 3 levels
-understanding of default ERP system processes, configurations, and built-in options
-develop and modify large-scale software in a networked database environment
-organization’s ability to manage large-scale systems development projects

process change capability:
overall ability to customize business processes; 3 levels
-understand their existing business processes and their business environment
-design new or changed business processes, as well as implement these designs
-managing and coordinating large-scale business process changes

make a matrix 3x3 and see what an organization can do
no worries, training & hiring consultants help to improve these capabilities

do the feasibility using the 2 matrices and decide what to do

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