Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bio from OnurO

Hello everyone,
In 2007, I graduated from Sabanci University in which I studied Materials Engineering and Chemistry. I worked as a part time R&D engineer for Alcan Packaging Inc. during the last year of my B.S. Then, with a couple of friends, we established a firm to produce a device of our design that is used in medical waste disposal; the venture encountered serious opposition from Turkish legislation, tough. Now, I work for a medical equipment supplier in business development unit.
We are seeking an information solution that will help us to automate and coordinate business processes efficiently and at the same time, this tool should not be costly since our company is SME. I am taking this course to learn about managerial decision support systems and expect to find out a solution to our current problem.
My career goal is to establish many high value businesses from which my country and people will benefit.
A fact that most people around me do not know and possibly can not guess is that I used to be a professional wrestler and I can eat more baklava than you can expect from a human being, shame on me :)

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