Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day4 Lessons Learned

Day 4 was the conclusion of what we had learned from this course. It began with lab session and trying to make the business process flow on the SAP was interesting and difficult. We created customer, material and made a sales order, etc. I understood that without proper training, using an ERP system that much big is very difficult and cumbersome.
I understood that why this implementation process takes this much money. Understanding business, understanding ERP solution, training users, forcing users to use properly is very difficult and needs time and money.
In the second part of the day4 we tried to make a solution for Harley Davidson case. This part was interesting that even if everything is OK defining the selection criteria and talking on the concepts/coverage/meaning of a criterion is very difficult and needs proper training and same language for the implementation team. In addtion to this, finding the cost of the parameters is another difficult point about the selection, since every one realize different about cost. Some people think license fees, setup costs as cost, some of them consultancy cost, etc.

Nevertheless, it was a good course for me although I think that I know many things about SAP. Articles, cases and trying to solve the problems in the class as a team was a good experience that forces to think.

Thank you.


peter_group said...

I am studying ERP system now. I am confused that what the differences(ERP system, enterprise system, enterprise wide system) are.
could anybody help me?

Gain ERP said...

ERP software provides the result by the integration of the all other software results.

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