Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 2 Learnings (Serkan Kocak)

At the having the review section of first lecture, we have watched the video, which is about CRM.

From the video:

One of the opportunities of CRM: Experienced professionals helping entry level professionals.
CRM is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty
CRM is a growing market, which is $6 billion now expected to be $18 billion in 2010.
The major players in the market are: Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft…
Some type of businesses that Siebel creates CRM applications; Pharma, Media, Finance, Energy, Clinic…

Siebel Industry Applications
Employee Application: Siebel Call Center, Marketing, Sales, Field Service
Partner Application: Siebel Partner Portal, Partner Manager
Customer Application: Siebel Adviser, Configuration, Rider, Price, e Service, e Sales.

Mobile Solutions
Siebel Remote, Wireless

Siebel Physical Architecture works as follows;
Signal comes from web server and Gateway Server distributes it one of the Siebel Servers (to one that is less busy). Then that Siebel Server takes relevant information from the data base in order to run the process, and the configurations are stored at Siebel file System to be used during process.


Building ERP Business Case

Initial Needs are as follows
· More control
· Share info
· Accounting purposes
· Process innovation + Automation
· Data integrity
· Competiveness
Why Should a Company not implement ERP?
· Costs
· Organization readiness
· Time Consumers
· No need for growth
· Knowledge or capability not accessible

Potential Analysis (in order to decide to implement ERP or not)
· SWOT analysis
· Gap Analysis (where you are – what is your target in terms of IT)
· Elevator Speech (to tell what is needed or relevant in two minutes time to find a job).
o What is the product service solution?
o Problem it addresses
o What does it do?

Enterprise Architecture
It is the frame work that enables us to understand current situation.
Executives Identify Top Items
· Improvement opportunities (providers)
· Benefits (triggers)
· Benefit Category
· Implementation plan
· Metrics

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