Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can Kızılay Bio

Hi, I am Can Kızılay. I am graduated from Middle East Technical University Electrical and Electronics Engineering department in 2006. I had my internships at Aselsan, Siemens and Alarko in several positions. Just after graduation, I have founded 2 companies about designing and manufacturing lighting poles, high mast poles and high mast lowering devices for high ways, airports, stations, docks, shopping malls, etc. with my partners. The companies we have founded reached the total revenue levels of $1,4M and $0,3M until we have sold these companies in early 2008 just before the sharp increase in steel prices.
In November 2007, my father passed away. Since than, I have to deal with real estate especially about renting, which includes a hotel, a medical center and some others that belong to my family.
I have started my MBA in fall 2007 and I have a year to graduate. After my graduation, I want to deal with real estate, also start in a company in energy sector which may be an energy consultancy company. After than, I want to involve in entrepreneurial acts related with energy sector in at most 5 years.
I believe this course will enable me to analyze an ERP system in terms of ESI (Evaluation, Selection and Implementations) framework. And, I will learn the benefits and possible drawbacks of an ERP system with the help of cases that we will study. I believe that the benefits of ERP concept is significant for enterprise-grade large companies. Especially for large energy companies which have to be fast responding to demand, flexible in business processes ERP is crucial. So, more or less it is obvious that I have to deal with ERP. After this course, I will learn key concepts about ERP which will be an important asset and advantage in my professional life.

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