Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bio of Seçil Akdemir

My name is Seçil. I am graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Economics in 2004. After graduation, I worked at Audit Department of Ernst&Young İstanbul Office for 2.5 years and I generally participated to audit works of firms from financial services. Later, I worked at Investor Relations Department of Yapı Kredi Bank for 3 months. And now, starting from last September I am doing my MBA degree at Bilkent University. Next semester, I will study at Bocconi University in Italy as an Erasmus student. After my graduation, I am again planning to turn back to business consultancy sector since I realized that it is more suitable for me.
During my audit experience, we were analyzing the workflows so I know the importance of ERP systems and applications for all kind of firms. Having lectures from an instructor with professional real experience will certainly beneficial in such a course.
I have 2 sisters - one is younger and one is elder. Growing in such a big family is a great thing.

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