Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Second Day Learning -- Qiao Chu HUA

Hi, everyone,

For today's learning, I feel the SWOT and GAP analysis prior to the design and implementation of an ERP system is quite important as well as necessary, I have gained benefits from this insights.

So a thorough analysis in and out of the company on terms of it's S,W,O,T is vital to decide if or not an ERP is necessary and if yes, for what purposes it might have to serve and how to, yeah, this is a very good point and I like it, no other comment and expect to read yours soon.

See you again tomorrow!

Qiao Chu HUA


Hua Dan said...

Hello fellow classmates and Yeliz,

May I ask what you will do if you are responsible for the company whose CRM system isn't working well because the Sales Dept. who is supposed to both input data and also utilize the data in CRM isn't doing what they should do, how are you going to fix up this problem then may I ask?

Since ERP is so necessary and important, I really hope can have more of your ideas about how we should deal with such ill-designed and ill-implemented ERP system so we all can better figure out what we should control to prevent likewise riskes prior to imprementing such systems. Failure of such high investment project is really not we expect right?

See you guys tomorrow!

Qiao Chu HUA

U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

This is a wonderful question--it's really important to discuss this. I have some answers for you, that I will share in class. But let's see what the class will say... What do you think guys?