Friday, March 09, 2007


Day 4
Well, honestly I have to admit that the fourth day was the most difficult for me. I didn't really feel the diffrence between centralized and decentralized implementation. I was a bit lost. Instead of it I liked very much our team work and final discussion about the case study.

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U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

Thanks for sharing this. Well, centralized versus decentralized implementations can be a bit tricky. The main difference is that when you centralize the implementation, you use a core team from the headquarters for example to do the implementation in not only headquarters but also in other offices. This allows for better use of lessons learned from previous implementations, as well as centralization of some of the configuration decisions, and other decisions. The decentralized implementation style, on the other hand, requires each office to provide their own staff and make their own decisions on implementation. The advantage of this is better ownership of the local implementation as well as rataining some knowledge on the new system locally.

Just like everything else we discussed, centralization-decentralization of implementation can be seen as a continuum rather than binary choices.

Does that clarify this concept? If you have more questions, please feel free to ask again.