Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ERP day 2

Today I learned more about ERP, in class we did a lot of discucion about why do companies should buy an ERP system or not. We found that companies that adopt this system:

*have more control and better administration of the company

*shearing information in one data base, makes the company more efficient, and facilitate the procedure for future joints or growth plans.

*One system, its easier to mantain and control information.

*One system, easier for the company to communicate between deparments

We also found that this system does not apply to all companies, small and mid-size companies with lack of growth plans and expansion, most of them dont need the system because they work very well with their own way that they have been working for years.

Then, we made a SWOT and GAP analysis of the SAP company, with that example we work in our teams doing the same analysis but, based in our company ( starbucks)

Finally, we went to the computer lab to introduce ourselves with the SAP system and we did some transactions, etc.

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