Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 4 learning -- Dan HUA

Hello everyone,

I like today's course for our group discussion, for the analysis we have done together for different ways of ERP implementation as well as for the case study.

It's really a good idea for us from different nationalities to discuss many aspects pertaining to ERP, we have exchanged lots of ideas and tomorrow we have got to continue after exam, the case study is also a quite good one which reveiled to us how the case company was doing to prepare and also to choose a most suitable supplier.

As we usually say a good beginning is half of the success, how we prepare for an ERP, or a software, and then how we compare among different suppliers, and how to make the choice is so significantly important for the final outcome of system implementation that each step, we have to work together with adequate consideration and tactics.

The criteria the case company utlized for analyzing the pros and cons of 3 suppliers could also be views as good reference when we are facing a likewise situation as this one.

Alors, I am truely grateful for our courses, for our communications everyday along this week with our friend Yeliz who has gone out of her way to enable our courses such insightful onesas well as an interesting ones also greatful for this blog platform from which we began online communication and through which we are to continue our fun learning with ERP in days and maybe years to come in the future!

Tomorrow, wish we all have nice success in exam!


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