Tuesday, March 06, 2007

day 1

Hi everybody,I'm a bit late to write because I had classes all day. Due to that I am already sorry for the mistakes:).
As most of you mentioned it was a really good start for me as well. I didn't know much about the subject. I picked this class just to have an idea about it.What I was expecting was a course in the computer lab and it scared me a bit but it was good to see today that it is not a kind of class like that.When I evaluate my contribution for today, it wasn't sufficient enough for me. I saw that even though the course doesn't require any technical backgrounds or any prior knowledge of ERP, it is better to know about it to be able to talk about it. As I read superficially many of your blogs, I saw some of you guys have even work experience on this field. I wish I had had experience on this subject to have a better and deeper understanding. Actually,i am glad be with people who have difierent backgrounds and experiences to learn more.
What I learned today was a general idea of what ERP is and modules.Major and smaller players, its pros and cons as well. I learned an important think that open source does not always mean being free as I thought. It was also good to learn a new term "bolt on"also. I am willing to learn more and more everyday and visualised what I learned by the help of given cases and tasks.By the way, I really enjoyed to work with my team today.
See you all,

to be continued...

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