Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 4

In today’s class we learned the implementation choices we have. And I think it was very productive to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one because we will might decide it in the future.

As the professor said, I think there is not one effectively formula of choices. It will depend on the situation we face in the future.

With the group project I learned that some times there are more similarities than differences between cultures. Sometimes we can use it to group it and work with groups of similarities than with each different country.

Also it was very interesting to know how to choose a supplier. The brain storming and the rating is very important because I think that in the real world, there might be some people that present really well and ended influencing you to choose them. And if we make that kind of decisions, at the end we might be choosing something that doesn’t go really with our strategies. I mean we can reevaluate our rating choices, but to choose someone just because its presentation can be the same as implementing one software just because is the newest one.

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Thierry said...

In fact it might even be a con using the newest software - if you link critical ressources to it you might prefer using software some people had already made some experience with and that is - in techy slang - "mature".