Thursday, March 08, 2007



Today we had an interesting class, first we did braistorming of yesturdays class, so it was good to refresh our learnings. Then we had an introduction of the diferent ways of implementing an ERP system: Big Bang, Mini Big Bang, and by Phases. We did pros and cos of each ones, and it got interesting to deeply analyze why should we do Big Bang or mini Big Bang or by phases, that for some companies or some countries is better to di it some way, and for other the other way.
We also did pros and cons of how to implement the system, if centralized or un-centralized.
Then we did a group work, we analyzed how we could implement the same ERP system for the same company,in 3 different countries.
At the end we discuss about the case study of How Harly-Davidson choose their ERP system, what were the steps and principal aspects of evaluating, etc. then we did pros and cons of the last 3 candidates. A very interesting point is that we all though that candidate number 1 was defenetly the best one, but qfter the evaluation of the main 4 aspects, candidate number 2 was the winning candidate, the one the HD choose.


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