Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A new coauthor joins us1

Hi All,
Grihfen Hawkins saw your postings to our blog and wanted to be a co-author in the blog. So you might see some postings from Grihfen on the blog. I am sure he or she will introduce himself/herself better.

Gihfen is studying in QingDao Technological University,which is located in the east of Shandong Province. He is a junior now in the school of Management, majoring in Industrial Engineering.
Gihfen says that Qingdao is a beautiful coast city and the host of sailing city of 2008 Olympics.

Grihfen, please tell us more about yourself. Are you male/female? Where are you from? etc...


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
Thank you very much for all your efforts to let me be a member here.
I am new here,espicially this is the first time I start a blog.So I have many many things to learn from all of you.
As Yeliz said,I,a Chinese student,male,live in Qingdao city now,which is 8hours before standard time(Beijing Time Zone).
So there must be something unconvenient to talk to you online,which is what I am looking forward to.
If there is any possibility to upload my personal Photo here,please let me know.I love to be your friend.
As far as I know,ERP is a completely new area in China,EVEN some comapnies began to carry out it.Unfortunately,MOST of them failed.So I still have a long way to go in learning ERP.
At last,Thanks again for your efforts.

U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

You can post your picture if you accept my invite... Then you can also post messages like a regular author rather than having to post comments.

sap upgrade tool said...

Its really great to see that you and Grihfen has decided to write together on same blog.I also wish both of you good luck and hope to see great posts.