Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello everyone, I’m a first timer in this Blog thing, so I don’t know if I’m supposed to put my BIOS and my thoughts here together, or if there’s a special place for each. I’ll put all together just as Thierry.


I’m studying Industrial Engineering back in Mexico at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Unfortunately for me, I still don’t have a working experience in my field of study since it’s hard to get an internship back home when you’re only a third year student, plus our university system differs greatly in this matter from other. I’m planning on getting an internship when I go back home, hopefully related to logistics, a subject that’s gained my interest very much so far.

Since I just entered my third year in Industrial Engineering I haven’t set myself to a particular career goal yet. I believe I still have A LOT to learn, and that in that time my interests and goals can change.

I heard very few about ERP systems before taking the course. It has interested me, as; implementing such systems means reengineering processes within the organization, and some fields of Industrial Engineering deal with process reengineering.

I hope to have a better understating of how ERP systems work at the end of the course, and learn how they’re implemented in real life (which I’ve most interested in).

About me? I’m Mexican and I don’t like tequila.


I must say I found the first class very interesting since my understanding of ERP’s was very little. We saw what an ERP system was, the pros and cons of being a major player, smaller or open source, why and why not should he customize it and, how it was developed from MRP and MRP2.

We talked as well of SAP’s and its 3 different transactions: 1 Create, 2 Change, 3 Display. They offer different solutions depending on the industry at matter.

There’s never an end for an ERP, you can always add different modules to customize it to your company’s needs and functions. You can also make software work on it, in case it doesn’t have the functionality… “It keeps building up”. All this led me to maybe a hasty question at this point of the course “¿What is the future of ERP’s?”

Hope to keep looking more into ERP’s tomorrow.


U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

Good question Alexis! We should discuss it in class sometime.
Remind me please during one of the class sessions, will you?

Anonymous said...

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