Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 3- Impact of cultural differences

For the third day, one of the most important learning for me to point out was the potential impact of cultural differences in international business. I took some other classes which emphasized this issue several times before. Culture might be a core problem or opportunity for a company whether it manages to cope with these differences or not. From the ERP's point of view, these single system's implementation might be affected by cultural differences as it is mentioned by the case studies which we discussed.Also its success depends on the countries' way of doing business which might be under strong pressure of culture.

Moreover, I would like to make some comments on today's class.Infact, I haven't had any real job experience yet and this subject is not something that I am familiar with. But I am learning so much and I appreciate being in a class such that even though, I don't talk too much and sometimes feel bad because of it. Its a platform for me to get information from you guys, especially Sonia-I admire you:)- and I hope some time later I will be the one who is talking by the help of this class and you guys. Besides all,thank you for the question Thierry. EU is a hot issue in Turkey. In some ways Europe tries to reflect just the worst sides of it. It is true that there are differences inside the country but it has many reasons such as geographical avaliability, easy connection to the parts of world we do trade with etc. It is a big country and infact our developing is not a result of industralization as Europe,it is normal to have cities in the west which are more industralized than the east or middle of Turkey.but it doesn't mean that we do not have businesses in other parts of country,maybe they are smaller but there are. I am not a specialist on that issue but it is what I know basically so if one day you would like to do business in Turkey, be sure that it doesn't consist of just Istanbul or the west part of it, there are many opportunities in other parts as well.

Last thing is for Yeliz Hocam, I would really want to thank you for your teaching method. Even it is subject that has many boring way to teach I think, you are doing your best.-I never feel bored-

These are all I can say for today I guess. See you tomoorrow guys..


U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

I am glad to hear that you are learning and enjoying the class. You are very welcome.

sap upgrade evaluation said...

I also feel that country culture play an important and crucial role in deciding the success of an ERP and due consideration must be paid to it.