Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 2


I want to share my knowledge learned today with one example of my experience.

I think is very important, as we discussed on the morning, to use ERP’s (and I may say that any new technology too) focusing always in the Company strategy.

In the power plant that I worked, there were many people very angry and disappointed because the ERP that they developed was going to be replaced for SAP. The problem was that the employees dedicated a lot of time and heart in the old system, they were also updating it constantly and the new one seemed to do exactly the same as the existing one. Also they were mad because the decision process seemed to be only authoritarian.

I wasn’t there to follow the problem and neither to know exactly what procedures they took before. But I can assume that they chose a bad explanation and therefore they had all these angry people.

So, when I saw the process today to make the decision to implement or not an ERP, I think it would be very useful also to explain at all the employees the real advantages to implement it or perhaps they may change their mind and don’t use it.

This also may be a very useful tool if in the future we are the ones in charge to make this decision. At the end we will have always a backup and explanation of our decision.

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