Monday, March 05, 2007

Alexis Bouly's Bio and Day 1 Lessons Learned

Good evening,

I found today’s course useful as an introduction to ERP systems. No surprise came from the global architecture and basic definitions of ERP systems; basically it was as I imagine it!
I was quite interested by the different type of ERP on the market and especially about open source ERPs. I found interesting that a community of programmers share their knowledge and competencies about programming. I already knew about Linux and though that open source software was only applicable to it. However I am not sure this concept can bring efficient ERP solutions to companies. I think this concept comes from good feelings but several barriers such as compatibility, cost (employ programmers, huge developments …). So to my point of view it is interesting to know about these open source players but is it really feasible to work with them? Not quite sure…
Finally I was happy to learn a new word “bolt on”, but I don’t see the point in creating a new word if it means “add on”… Perhaps it is the moment to ask for some precision! So what difference is there between a bolt on and an add on?

So now more about me! I am a 4th years student at IESEG specialized in management control and audit. I come from this rainy region of France about 1 hour from Lille. Last year I was studying abroad in Canada, and more especially in Québec at the University of Sherbrooke. This course remind me a lecture I had in IS but hopefully this one is much more understandable even in English! After one year in Québec I decided to do my internship in England I order to improve a little my English… (Québec is a francophone part of Canada!). I was working for a European bank called BNP Paribas and I was responsible for translating an software in English and writing procedures about how to use it.
As I am specialized in management control and audit, I’d like to start my carrier abroad in internal audit. I will appreciate to work on projects in a different subsidiary of a multinational company. That is were ERP systems becomes interesting because it can be from what I learnt today a powerful tool for auditor in order to access to specific information. Then I already looked at job appliances in the audit field and some of them were requiring SAP qualifications and I was interested to know more about this.
I see my future job abroad as a springboard for a future job in France. I think, because of a work experience abroad, I will have more credibility on the French job market. So sacrifice 3 or 4 years abroad can be useful in this perspective…
At the end of this course I’d like to be able to take advantage of what I have learned about ERP, to be efficient on my future job. For me theory is good but practice is to me much more important.
Finally one thing “surprising” is that I play French hunting horn for 8 years now (Trompe de chasse in French)

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PS: This blog is a very modern and interesting way of communicating however I can’t log on! But I love it!

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