Thursday, March 08, 2007


I would like to say that that I enjoyed a lot the third day of ERP impl.... especially because of our disscussion at the end of the class.It was very goog experience for me not only talking about ERP but especially how it works and what is people perception on this subject worldwide. I was impressed by Sylvia's speach about China. Generally when we say something about country which we dont't know, usually we say stereotypes about it. I think that changes are important to introduce but it's not so obvious because people are lazy and don't want changes.

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Hua Dan said...

Xixixixxixi, I am so glad that you like to share opinions and discuss about China with me, yes, having been travelled to some foreign countries, I still firmly believe there are lots of oppertunities waiting to be explored by us since my country is developing so marvelously fast and well, and I would be more than ready and glad if you like to continue with me for anything about China, I like to share my ideas especially about my country and our people there, and also thank you too for your time and kind attention for my talks in class.

Thank you very much!

See you tomorrow again!

Sylvia Hua