Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 3-- Some comments from Yeliz

Thank you for the wonderfully lively discussion today!!! I truly enjoyed it a lot. During the discussion on various cultures, I learned from you guys, just as much as you guys learned from me and from each other. Just one thing to remember-- you seemed to think people in your country will resist to change more than others... It's perhaps the human nature, we don't like change, we like stability. So resistance to change will happen in all countries and it should be accounted for.

Its interesting to read your lessons learned postings.. Although all of you were sitting in the same class, you all picked different lessons learned and posted on different aspects of the class. Thus, it's very helpful for you to read others' postings.

Today, Alexis posted a question, and I posted a response to him. Please take a look at it.

By the way, please remember that participating in the discussions is 30 percent of your grade. There are very few people who are listening carefully but not participating much. Please try to use at least the case study as an opportunity to gain some points, okay? Most of the discussions are on things you can talk about even if you didn't know much about the ERP's or if you don't have much business experience. Oh, and now, you know plenty of good stuff on ERP's. :)
See you all tomorrow!

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Hua Dan said...

You are right, we are learning from each other, I like your style really, so instructive while entertaining at the same time for everybody is airing views which also a successful part of our courses!

Great Yeliz!

Hua Dan