Thursday, March 08, 2007

MISI169E - Day 4

Culture differenciation is important in ERP implementation and we saw that today. Being in group to see how things could go in managing a project in 3 different countries, Turquey (Derya) Mexico (Marco) and France. (Laurent and I) I was happy to discuss with them but it confirm there are some differences.

If we have to remember a thing for today, there are the classical categorization to do:
  • Timeline: Big bang (everything at one time) / Phased (a little bit each time) / Mini big bang (big bang at lower level)
  • Resources: Outsourcing / In house
  • Type of implementation: Centralised (Eg: a decision for all countries) / Decentralised
  • Training: Outsourcing / Internal
  • Management of knowledge: Outsourcing (Consultants) / Internal
I will just give a word about a Harvard case study. Think about your choice between a provider which do not understand your culture but have all the functionalities you need and a provider which respect your culture but do not have all the critical functionalities you need. Which one is your choice?

See you mates

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