Monday, March 05, 2007

I didn t really know what we were about to do in this class, as a matter of fact I was a bit afraid we would spend hours on the computers trying to set up systems and everything, but we didn't :)
I am now able to seize the difference between ERP and SAP. There is actually a lot more ERPs than just this one, some of them are major players, others smaller. There is also these "independant players", the open source: I guess it's more reactive to changes as anyone can participate to its development. From my point of view, ERP implementation is such a big change for the firm that I might choose a major player rather than another ERP. Even though it is to be more costly, it's more reliable and for a firm having growing strategy by acquisitions, it is more probable both companies will have compatible systems.
On the course itself, I find it pleasant because it's interactive and as the subject is new to me, it's quite interesting :)
See you tomorrow, take care
Hasta manana, cuidense
...mmm in turkish you girls teach me tomorrow

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