Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 2--Derya

Hi! Everybody,
Because of the technical difficulties, I couldn't write yesterday. But today, I hope it will work and I will able to comment for both days.
I learned much more things today than yesterday. It was good to start with a quick rewiew of what we have done. I think I got some of the points that I missed yesterday.
I realized today that I have made the a mistake because I thought that ERP is such a system which itself gives competitive advantage to the company, helps it to be one step further than others. But after the two tennis players' example, I understood that it is such a software package which facilititates operations of some organizations and there are some cases that it is not useful to use this system.
Moreover, I have learned what the elevator speech term and seen an example of it. GAP analysis was a new concept for me as well. I haven't heard about it before.
Even I had some minor technical difficulties:) with my computer, it was good to see some applied format of SAP. I took some classes of Access database and I feel more familiar to the system and it made more sense to me.
I guess these are all I learned from today's class.
See you all tomorrow,

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