Thursday, March 08, 2007

4th Day-

Hi guys,
The week nearly comes to an end..
I had too much fun and learning today. I think it is because I personally got more involved and had a better understanding of the subject. At the beginning, quick review was good. We emphasized one more time the importance of cultural differences. Actually, I understood that no software implementation is really about software. It is about change management. Because you are changing the way people work. You are challenging their principles, beliefs and the way they have done things for many many years. That's why all implementation process success depends on the organization's structure, culture etc. It is something more than being technical.
Moreover to that, we have covered Strategic ERP Implementation choices such as Big Bang vs Phased implementation, Outsourcing vs In-house, centralization vs decentralization and knowledge management. Actually most of the strategies have some pros and cons according to the organization structure and the function which we implement ERP. For example, it is better to use Big Bang for key modules I think otherwise it might be a confusing process to use phase strategy. Because it allows us to make the changes step by step and the modules which relies on information from other modules may get wrong messages due to incompatibility between systems.
By the way, I searched for the cost of decentralization vs centralization and according to one source, decentralization is more costly in terms of extra time and resources to implement and maintain the system. It also has cost of reinventing many other database, storage, software etc.

What I can tell more is about our group work. We found out many similarities between Mexico, Turkey and France ( except some differences of France which can be handled ). It was interesting for me because I expected some big cultural differences due to being different parts of the world. Perhaps it was because of globalisation, we are getting similar in terms of doing business style and people's reaction to new things etc.

Hope to see some of you guys in the party tonight..
Goodluck you all for the exam...

ps: I didn't forget Julien:)---Thierry, we should celebrate Harley Davidson case some day;)

and Yeliz Hocam, hope to see you in the party as well..

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