Monday, March 05, 2007

Elif Turkseven's Profile and Lessons Learned

Today, it was the first day of the “Global ERP systems implementation strategies” course. I was not quite familiar with the subject but I thought that it could be interesting to take this course to learn more about it. Firstly, we have learned the definition and evolution of ERP (MRP and MRP II). I have learned that this system enables companies to integrate information through the whole organization. By the help of this system, companies use only one database by sharing information from different departments of the organization. As a result, the waste of time is eliminated. I have learned that there are major players such as Oracle, small players and open sources. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. I can say that I have understood this system enables companies to operate better and in a more functional way although it has some implementation costs at first. Because you do not have to create different data sources for each module you use, it is beneficial and efficient for the company as it also provides modularity. Last year, I was having my internship at the finance department of Meteksan Sistem A.S. in Ankara. They were also using Oracle database system. They were putting all the information that they have gathered during the whole day and they were also sharing this information with the accounting department of the company. They have also explained us how it works and why they use this system. The reason was the security. They said that it provides much more security as we have learned today in class. At that time, I did not think the benefit and the working process of the system. Now the things become much clearer and I can understand the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of this issue in an enjoying course atmosphere with efficient team and discussion activities.

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