Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 1 - Juan REYNOSO



Ø My complete name is Juan Manuel Reynoso Meza.

Ø I was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, México in 1981.

Ø I got a Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2003

Ø I worked as Supervisor of the Mechanic Workshop in a Construction Enterprise, and eventually as work field supervisor, for 1 year. I was present in a major rehabilitation to the Fluid Cracking Catalytic Plan in Guanajuato, México.

Ø I worked as Production Supervisor in a Manufacturing Enterprise for 1 year.

Ø I am studying the Master in International Business program in Lille, France since August, 2006.


I have not experience working directly with ERP, but in my both two last jobs, I clearly identify the need of have a tool that permits a better communication between the departments of Production, Acquisitions, the storehouse, and the accounting department. Our communication was paper based, and I considered it very slow and some times confusing. Fortunately, by the time I left the company, they were trying to implement an ERP.


I expect to develop my own business in the Construction field, and have the enough knowledge, in the different aspects of the business, to manage it successfully.

I think the knowledge acquired in this course will be important by the time of implementing the right ERP and in the right way, in my future business.

By the end of the course I expect to have the enough knowledge about the structure and working method of the ERP’s in order to be able to understand and quickly learn to use any kind of ERP.


I won the first place in a National Mathematics Olympiad (in México) at age 18.


In this class I got a general idea about the components of an ERP. I also learn about the advantages of its implementation. In my personal experience I worked in a medium-size company that had not an ERP implemented, and I can imagine how all the advantages discussed today could be reflected in my old job.

Because of the communication was paper-based I think that the consulting and reporting information was very slow. It could even take a couple of days. Therefore, the computer database could save a lot of time in those both activities. Despite this, each department tried to optimize the information control, and everyone developed by themselves a data sheet with the useful information (for themselves).

When a misunderstood arose, every person had a backup of their transactions, but nobody trusts in the system of the other. I think that have a single database is important in order to have the company working all with the same information. Also, information sharing was not so good in the company. Every department “protects” his own system, and they not share information. It was very time-consuming when a person wanted information from another department, because the only way to get it was by a personal meeting. So, I think that sharing information saves time to everyone.

As I see, the major benefit of implement an ERP for this company would be a better procedures organization, and saving a lot of time, which reflects directly in Business Performance/Efficiency.

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Hua Dan said...

hi, Juan, you are really cool in winning the first place in Maths Olympiad at 18 right?

Wow, really admire you!

Really cool!


Qiao Chu HUA