Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 2

Today it was the second day of the Global ERP implementation course. We had a chance to make an analysis on why companies need such an integrated system. During the discussion, we came up with a lot of reasons such as need to get more control, sharing information, process innovation , effective communication, etc...Once a company decide to implement such a system for its business, it is very important to make a SWOT and GAP analysis and elevator speech in advance to evaluate the standing of the organization. By the help of these analysis, companies become able to set strategic goals and objectives. After setting the objectives and forecasting revenues and expenses, companies can safely decide what system will adress its objectives. Additionaly, by making GAP analysis companies can compare its current system with the one they are expecting to implement in the future.
On the second half of the course, we went to lab to work on our team assingnment to build an ERP Business case analysis for the company we chose while writing our report. I think these team activities are very efficient in order to apply everything we have learned. During the discussions we make, I could get different point of views and approaches on the subject. Then, we had a chance to make an application on the SAP system. We have learned how it works and how it is beneficial. At the first day we learned that this system provides a single database for the whole businesses that the company conducts. With this SAP system application, we saw how there are linkages between the branches such as different types of industries in which the company is involved. We can access to the data directly by only entering the transation code of the concept and this provide an easiness for the process.

See you tomorrow.

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